sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

Winter Days

One of those days when I wonder why do I hate the Finnish winter so much

Then I remember. 5% of the time it looks like that and the rest 95%..

..looks like this.
So uplifting.

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

Challenge accepted

My lovely cousin and blogger Hanna threw a challenge, first you tell 11 things about yourself and then answer 11 questions. Then make 11 new and challenge new people and so on. Well, cause I'm fat and lazy I'm not going to bother to challence enybody personally, but everybody who reads this, DO IT. Thanks k by!

But here we go, eleven things about me

I have a love-hate relationship towards my home country

I love animals

My favourite band is System of a down

I'm working in Alepa

I love Winnie the pooh

My at the moment -fixation are these redicilously costly camo headphones from superdry

I'm self admitted goo horder (If you don't know, see explanation here)

I love high heels but wear them seldom because I'm 175cm long already

Despite my former hatred towards smart phones I went and got myself a Nokia Lumia 900 and I quite love it

I know the words of the lama song by memory (this)

My passport picture is redicilously hidious

Then the questions

1. What things are close to your heart? Please don't list your innerds
Kola, animals and tattoos

2. What you wanted to be when you were little? Any luck whit that?
Some kind of artist or job related to art. On my way, slowly but unstably.

3. Has there been a moment in your life when you could've chosen completely different direction, what was it and what do you think would've happened if you had chosen otherwise?
 Such a small amount of years behind me that nothing really big, i think. But first thing that comes to mind is the choise of upper secondary school. If I have gone to anywere else I woud have different friends and propably different style (the artsy, or weird, people in the school have had an impact on me in one way or another)

4. What kind of a person would you be if you could be anything?
Kind and helping always others. I'm also really easily anxited and stressed so I'd like to bee more relaxed in my own skin and in relations to things happening around me. Balanced througout.

5. Favourite icecreme?
 Ben and Jerry's cookie dough

6. If you were an animal what would you be and why?
A Cat or a bear. Cat because i have minimun 3 times heard that I look like a cat(?) Bear because they sleep through winter. I don't handle the dark and cold Finnish winter so I should do that too. Allso bears are quite calm animals but can get wery ferocious when defending their own territory, cubs etc. Sounds like me because I'm mostly peace-loving but can get really mean and attackative when defending myself or someone/something that's important to me.

7. What made you start blogging
I have absolutely no idea..Propably inspired by following other peoples amazing blogs and thinking "I wanna do taht to!"

8. What wise sentence guids your life
I have a hate-love relations here too. It's hard to take any inspirational bullshit when I owerthink everything and try to see all sides of things but that said I do have a secret  weak spot for korny mottos. I don't have one sentence or motto above all, but currently I'm very fond of two: "I'd rather live then live forever" and "messure life by quality not quantity". More or less the same thing just said differently. Pretty self explanatory too, but to me means that the present days so usuall pursuit of immortality is meaningless. You suhould keep in mind that the time of one's is limited and you should aim to do what you truly desire opposed to doing the things you think you should do because someone else or society or common ways say so. 

9. The most stupid thing you have ever heard
The human stupidity is an edless natural resource so this is tuff...First comes to mind the pick-up line "Oh, girl's got really pretty...knees" (heard this last summer)

10. Gay or straight
Personally straight, but whatever feels right, do it.

11. What is your ideal clothing style?
Oh dear lord..Personally I think I have very little style identity. I tend to dress according to how I feel, only constant theme is function before style! Maby the perfect style would be something "effortlessly chic". Something you could wear in a fancy restaurant but the same time look like you would have just thrown the first clothes on you pulled out of the closet. I also like if the clothes have some kind of a twist, I think people usually dress pretty boring. And lastly a style I can't (yet) achieve, but admire, is when you are really hevily tattooed and dress really smart. That looks awesome!

Finally 11 new questions

1. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage
2. Who is your idol? Why?
3. Do you like yourself?
4. Which things you notice first in persons outer appearance?
5. Are you all and all positive or negative?
6. PS or Xbox
7. What's the most irrational thing about you?
8. What's your natural hair colour and when did you last had it?
9. Have you done something of what you once said "I will never.." If so, what?
10. What inspires you the most?
11. Is it more inportant to you to get to do what you yourself want or to have approval of others?

Freely translate in any language you prefer! Hopefully someone answeres :)