maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

What defines you?

I started thinking about pointless things about myself and for result here is shit load of utterly useless information about me:

I have type 1 diabetes
I hate when people sneeze behind me
I hate leek
but I love brussels sprout
I think that people who use the term "krebaus" (as for crazy partying, in finnish "kreisi bailaus") shoud be smacked in a face with a chair
I think the deepest human essence is always good
nevertheless in me lives a misanthropist
 I can't understand people who love cats and disslike dogs or vice versa (you narrow-minded bastards)
I want to travel to Australia
I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life
I think eating is the best thing ever
I'm constantly tired
and cold
and sick
I sometimes really hate my jobb
and sometimes really like my jobb
I think nothing is ever that simple
I think too much for my own good
I drink WAY too much kola (I'm drinking it right now too, hehe)
I think PS is the best console
I'm materialistic and I hate admitting that
I'm also partially brand loyal and I hate that too
I think Provinssi Rock is the best festival in finland
I want to be 70-80% covered in tattoos before I die
I have over mobile joints
I swear a lot
I always wear nail polish
I think this post is as meaningless as these little pieces of inromation
but I also think that's okay

That's me alright.