tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2012

Just remember you only get what you give

           Yesturday I got to hear that I apparently have some kind of drug problem.

First off all that's not very precise information. I mean I'd at least like to know how sevire problems do I have and what am I using? Am I an addict, recovering addict or perhaps in rehab? Is it just something like I'm smoking weed on weekends or do I do it daily? Or am I using something more hardcore like heroin or such? 

Second of all, what the fuck? I have a history of failures and awkwardnes: I have had a lot of weird hobbys, I have been fat, ugly, a goth, a fat and ugly goth, I have been teased and descriminated, I have made an ass out of my self both sober and drunk and I have acted very unreasonably and been bitchy. You could make up an gossip out of almost everything I have done in past 18 years, perhaps exaggerate the happenings a bit so it would be more interesting, but no. Despite of all the posibilities you came up with something that has no base in reality what so ever. For real? 

Last but not least: that's just lame. Drugs? Why not hallusinations, side personas, superpowers or something innovative and new. If you really are going to come up with a rumor that bases on nothing why not invent something not that boring and ordinary.

 Oh well, I don't know if I should be amused or sorry that someone's life is so blank that they have to attempt to get attention this way, but in any case, for your own sake, grow balls.